Leadership Consulting

Rasd has inter-correlated over 3 decades of expertise in the executive search profession with modern psychometric interventions that exceed industry standards by examining all crucial conforming elements of performance in a new innovative approach using distinctive validation techniques to predict executive performance.

As a registered member in the British Psychological Society for test use with access to hundreds of assessments and various test publishers, Rasd safeguards international scientific standards of the British Psychological Society and the European Federation of Psychologists Association. We partner with our clients to deliver effective and reliable assessment programs derived from the most renowned, the most validated, and the most innovative tools in the market.

Companies who use our leadership consulting services are more likely to have a ready and willing successor for each key position, have a significant increase in higher management satisfaction, and benefit from greater financial growth, year-over-year.

In order to better understand executive behavior and predict performance, we provide C-Suite assessments that cover all critical performance indicators such as Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, General & High-End Cognitive Abilities, Personality Traits, and Cultural Fit. Further assessments can include adaptability to Digital Transformation and predisposition to Transformational Leadership.

Our standard managerial assessment delves into Emotional Intelligence, General Cognitive Abilities, Personality Traits, and Managerial Potential. We can also assess Sales Potential and predisposition to Transformational Leadership.