Working from home? How is that working for you?

Working from home? How is that working for you?
Published: May 1, 2020
Author: George Aoun
Source: LinkedIn

A widely popular topic nowadays is defining what is the ‘new normal’ and how would life look like moving forward. Now even if there is no specific answer for that, a lot of speculations have been raised, specially about work life.

We’ve been blessed lately with more work/life balance, but sometimes that might not work as good as planned, I mean, how do you explain to a two years old that you’re in a video call they’re not invited to!

Yes, some of us might be working an extra 3 hours per day but most of us are starting an hour late in the morning and that’s not so bad, is it?

So as a manager, a team leader or an employer, how are you rating your team’s performance?

Here comes the importance of the mind shift that is needed today, specially in our region!

In our current situation, we have no choice but to rate employees based on deliverables, results and achieving KPIs. True, it is easier said than done, but if there is a silver lining into the COVID-19 situation, is that it accelerated the remote working and talent spotting, rather than having employees pinching hours at the office without any outcome.

With less stress from commuting and traffic, employees would be much more relaxed when working from home at more flexible hours, as we need not to forget, we’re being employees, cook, teachers, parents all at the same time!

Now that restrictions are being lifted, would you like to continue working from home? Comment below with how do you see your work life shifting.