Psychological tricks for better leadership

Psychological tricks for better leadership
November 2, 2020
Author: Amir Baddour
Source: Rasd

Leadership is all about people; Here are the top 6 psychological tips to better engage through the power of subconscious.

1- Stay SILENT, NOD: If you didn’t get the answer you want, remain silent or gently nod your head, your silence will compel people to continue talking.

2- RAISE YOUR EYEBROW: When you see someone you know, your eyebrows subconsciously raise as a sign of familiarity; a way of communicating that you know each other and there is no threat. With that in mind and when meeting someone new, slightly raise your eyebrows and then gently smile. This will trick their subconscious into thinking they already have an established rapport with you.

3- Ask a PERSON for HELP, don’t ask people for help: The Bystander Effect suggests that when help is thrown out to a large group of people, no one will respond. But asking individuals? Well, that makes the request much harder to refuse.

4- If you made someone mad, SIT NEXT TO THAT PERSON: Sitting next to someone instead of sitting in front will help smoothen any tension.

5- THROW A JOKE and notice who looks at who: People will often look first at the person they like the most, this will give you interesting insights on group dynamics.

6- CAREFULLY reveal one flaw: People actually feel more warmth towards someone when they make a simple mistake.

Source: Twenty Two Words