Lead through holiday blues

Lead through holiday blues
November 30, 2020
Author: Amir Baddour
Source: Rasd

Have you ever felt sad, irritable, exhausted, or that you are losing interest and pleasure in normal activities during the holiday season? You might be experiencing holiday blues

While the holiday blues is not a recognized disorder, the feelings associated with this phenomenon can have a major impact on your ability to function normally during this time of year.

In one survey done by the American Psychological Association 38% said their stress levels increased due to the holiday season and 56% reported that the source of this stress is the workplace.

Holidays are often times of emotion and self-reflection, both of which can be a particularly stressful, especially for those who are already coping with an existing mental health condition.

Here are the top 5 tips for leaders:

  • Encourage social support and gatherings.
  • Give time-off to reduce exhaustion.
  • Reduce financial burden by providing incentives.
  • Initiate team activities (even if they are virtual).
  • Reassure alignment and set realistic milestones.

Helping your team adjust by adopting a mindful and flexible approach in the workplace during the holidays will increase your integrity vis a vis your team. It will also do wonders in terms of your leadership efficiency in the long run.

Empathy is being concerned about the human being and not just their output – Simon Sinek