Do you get bored easily? This is for you

Do you get bored easily? This is for you
November 11, 2020
Author: Amir Baddour
Source: Rasd

1- ATTENTION: Individuals who can’t regulate their attention are going to have a hard time staying engaged. But before anyone diagnose you with ADHD, you might simply have low attention ability and if you’re in #marketing, that’s good news! Evidence show the more you get bored the more creative you might be.

2- SELFAWARENESS: Some people might have alexithymia (trouble speaking about their feelings). Emotions are like a compass; they orient us toward meaningful and valued activities. If we lack our guides, then we’re just wandering.

3- COMFORTZONE: If your daily tasks are perceived too easy, you will get bored, if they are too difficult you will get anxious. Find your balance.

4- NOVELTY & EXCITEMENT: For some people, the world is simply moving too slowly so they seek external stimulation such as skydivers or CEOs who take unnecessary risks.

Nietzsche suggested that men of rare sensibility value boredom as an impetus to achievement.

So, when you’re bored do you reach for your phone to numb the feeling? Or do you dwell in it and let it push you towards a change you may need to make? That might just be the purpose of boredom.

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