Basics of successful legal functions

Basics of successful legal functions
October 27, 2020
Author: Amir Baddour
Source: Rasd

Corporate legal functions; a cost center or a commercial function? It depends on how you choose your people.

1/3 of companies face at least one lawsuit involving $20 million or more, only 18% report no lawsuits.

A coincidence?

While IQ can help individuals get through law school, their success in the workplace is proven to be reliant on various factors. Memorizing law books won’t help them surpass current business challenges.

–  Lawyers might be prone to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, they should portray a certain degree of conformity to assume corporate responsibilities; conscientiousness.

–  They need to read between the lines, assimilate assumptions, and solve unprecedented challenges; thus, the need for critical thinking.

–  Lawyers should represent their organization and deliver difficult messages to various stakeholders, thus the need for verbal reasoning.

–  As for personality and EQ , those are proven to be most effective; lawyers need to manage their emotional responses, handle stressful situations, build relationships, motivate themselves & their team, and always maintain a rational stance in solving problems.

Resolving legal business challenges is key, so is avoiding them in the first place.

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