You’ve finally reached the final stage of hiring. The next step is to receive an offer. Here is what to expect, how to negotiate, and what not to do.

The first order of business is acknowledging that a brand is far more than the company’s name and logo. Instead, the brand is a promise delivered, an idea, or the way the company or its products are perceived in the minds and hearts of people.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of numerous economies across the globe. They bring together resources, invest time and money, and assume financial risk to create value, resulting in a return on their investment.

The CEO-board relationship is defined by positions that differ but are interdependent. For example, as CEO, you are responsible for establishing and implementing strategy, while the board oversees approving and advising you on it.

Forbes defines leadership as a process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal. Author Kevin Kruse says leadership has nothing to do with seniority, titles, or personal attributes. It is also much different than management.

Performance driven cultures were regarded as ideal and were therefore the dominant force. More recently however, there has been a major shift and the growth culture approach is gaining more adoption.

It is often easier to be a successful leader with a high IQ than with a high EQ. And while IQ is undoubtedly essential, emotional intelligence can make or break your leadership abilities.

Employees and organizations find themselves in a situation of ambiguity and at times confusion because of the pandemic. There is significant uncertainty about the norms that will be adopted in the future.

Toxic employees exhibit negative, unprofessional, or unethical conduct towards the entity they work for and the people they work with. They are considered harmful to an organization’s overall well-being because their attitudes and actions directly sap motivation on an individual and organizational level.

Leadership is a perpetually evolving concept. Some advocate leadership is a consequence of nature, others by nurture.

Harvard Business Review has described leadership as “one of the most talked about yet least understood social phenomena on earth”.

Almost every aspect of an individual’s career is determined directly or indirectly by personality. This includes career choice, performance, and even satisfaction. So how does it work?

On the topic of engaged workforces, leadership attributes that effect high performance is a key variable discussed in management literature. One might ask, is fear a good motivator?

Employees have come to worry about their job security during times of economic stagnation or weak company performance; here is how they can improve their odds.

Understand the tendencies of different leadership styles in the workplace and recognize the importance of placing focus on the human element especially during the holidays.

Balanced and extreme personality traits make all the difference, understand how psychometric testing works and what is the most common misconception.

Helping your team adjust by adopting a mindful and flexible approach in the workplace during the holidays will increase your integrity vis a vis your team.

So, when you’re bored do you reach for your phone to numb the feeling?

The top 6 psychological tips to better engage through the power of subconscious.

Corporate legal functions; a cost center or a commercial function? It depends on how you choose your people.

Organizations are running an innovation marathon, racing to deliver the most innovative and convenient services and products.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of our society and is challenging our social nature through the adoption of distancing measures.

This site features further details on the firm’s products and services and elaborates on the successes of the past 30 years.

A widely popular topic nowadays is defining what is the ‘new normal’ and how would life look like moving forward.

It’s been over a month that we’ve been under lock-down. This pandemic has stricken the world unexpectedly and with full force, causing a lot of uncertainty and instability for companies and individuals alike. But what have we learned so far?

It is evident that the corona virus has reached a critical phase where the global economy has been disrupted.

More than 50% of our waking hours are spent at work, our psychological well-being is dependent on workplace dynamics and daily interactions

What makes good leaders? Recruiters often explain it as a combination of achievements, qualifications, and people skills.

Top-tier executive salaries have seen a whopping 39% hike in some sectors in the GCC.