Market Mapping

Rasd specializes in providing intelligent market findings of key executives, sectors, and companies, based on the requirements of our clients, across several sectors.

  • Benchmark
  • Scout
  • Study
  • Anticipate
  • understand

This is particularly useful for companies looking to:

  • Benchmark themselves against competitors,
  • Scout the availability of executives according to specific variables,
  • Study executives in the market for potential hiring,
  • Anticipate and understand market trends and changes.

We pride ourselves in having the strongest research team in the region, with a rich platform of accumulated knowledge and experience across various sectors, markets, and executives over 3 decades. Our grasp of the local business culture and language gives us our strength and sets us apart. Market Mapping allows us to offer clients insights on key players in the market, backed by research.

Our Process

Our multi-step process allows us to provide a complete analysis of the market, starting with defining client needs and objectives, creating a strategy for their search, conducting fresh market research by mapping out relevant industries, identifying key companies and candidates, validating findings, networking and reporting findings. This process takes 4 weeks.