Board Appointments

We provide leading institutions with the opportunity to leverage our unmatched
knowledge and local market experience in retained executive search along with our
immediate access to a developed network of executives regionally and internationally.

We assist our clients in attracting and retaining capable non-executive directors who hold the knowledge, experience, skills, and executive competencies to become an effective addition to their companies’ Board of Directors, Audit Committees, Risk Committees, Executive Committees, Subject Matter Experts, as well as other crucial positions.

Identifying, attracting, and retaining the right person to join a company’s board is crucial for its corporate governance, success, and growth. We pride ourselves in our ability to present the right candidates with the right mix of industry and professional background to ensure the sustainability of the business, simplify generational transitions, and contribute to making sound decisions on strategy, risk, capital management, and succession planning.

Our Process

Our detailed recruitment process to identify the right candidate has been designed to be quick and effective. Through our multi-layered process, we are able to define our client’s needs, create a tailored search strategy, map out the industry sectors, identify potential board members, interview shortlisted candidates, reference check them, introduce them to the client, and ensure mutual satisfaction. The process allows you to assign competent board members in 6 weeks.