C-Suite Assessments

In order to better understand executive behavior and predict performance, we provide C-Suite assessments that cover all critical performance indicators such as Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, General & High-End Cognitive Abilities, Personality Traits, and Cultural Fit. Further assessments can include adaptability to Digital Transformation and predisposition to Transformational Leadership.

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • General & High-End Cognitive
  • Abilities
  • Personality Traits
  • Cultural Fit

The process is adapted to fit the strategic outlook of the company for the near future, as well as depending on role requirements, team size, organizational chart, and objective of the assessment.

To validate critical psychometric results, we use a first-to-market 360° approach that enables human interaction which greatly reduces the chances of falsified results. Our assessment program uses more than 7 Psychometric Assessment Providers, while integrating our Executive Search platform by conducting behavioral and competence-based interviews that corroborate the psychometric evaluation.

Our Process

We begin by conducting customized online psychometric tests, culture & leadership style surveys, followed by a behavioral-based interview. We then validate results through a competency-based interview and our first-to-market 360° reference check designed specifically to validate critical psychometric results, before providing our final report. The process takes between 9 and 15 days.