Executive Search

Rasd aims to assist organizations to find and attract innovative and entrepreneurial leaders possessing the appropriate skillset, experience, and knowledge for the appointment and successful execution of leadership executive roles.

We develop a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the positions to be filled as well as the culture of the client. Based on that, we design a specific research project to identify potential candidates. Through a reservoir of knowledge and experience, we provide counseling to both the client and the candidate to facilitate an agreement and closure. Our ability to successfully recruit talented people that stay with our clients for several years is what differentiates us from other executive search companies.

Since 1989, we have used our local and native knowledge to quickly, successfully, and repeatedly place key individuals in high ranking leadership positions throughout the Middle East. As the first and only Arab firm to be a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), we are well-positioned to understand local culture and corporate business values; effectively use our high-quality research process based on best practice.

We pride ourselves in having the strongest research team in the region, with a rich platform of accumulated knowledge and experience across various sectors, markets, and executives for over 3 decades. Our grasp of the local business culture, values and language gives us our strength and sets us apart. Market Mapping allows us to offer clients insights on key players in the market, backed by research.

Succession planning entails building a solid network of next-generation leaders to ensure the successful continuity of any business. Rasd has over 3 decades of experience in identifying and developing potential talent to fill key leadership roles within local and multinational companies.